Revoflex Extreme

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Workout Machine Home Total-Body Fitness Gym Revoflex Xtreme Abs Trainer Resistant All In One Portable Abs Machine for Men and Women



Roll away those flabby ABS and replace them with sexy rock hard muscle. Looking for an easy, yet effective way to get your core into shape then roll N flex full body workout is a powerful way to give you the 6-pack ABS you’ve always wanted. You’ll feel the burn and see the results as you work both arms at once. No matter which method you choose, you’ll strengthen, tone and firm your shoulders, arms and back simultaneously. Features non skid wheels that glide across the floor, 2 easy-grip handles and comfortable kneeling platform. Instructional guide included. With the RevoFlex Xtreme you can tone and strengthen your body with a daily workout on each selected muscle groups strengthen your stomach muscles, core, arms shoulders, chest and much more with the RevoFlex Xtreme. The RevoFlex has 6 levels of resistance and includes a PROGRAM of 44 workouts to help you get the body you want. Includes a storage pouch, surface stabilization stand and two pulleys attached with rubber bands.

Product details

  • High Quality Products,
  • Revoflex Xtreme exercise machine,
  • Powerful Ab Workouts,
  • Revoflex Xtreme Defines Upper, Middle, Lower and the Oblique Abs,
  • Get an Attractives Waists and the Defines Abs
  • Just in 5-Minutes per Day,
  • 6-Training Levels,
  • Develops Your Chest, the Bakc, the Arms, the Shoulders and Abs In One Movements.
  • Shapes Your Body Quickly and the Easily Without Efforts
  • Assisted Bidirectional Power Technology.
  • So , Compact You Can byTake It Anywhere,

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