Mini Electric Handheld Sewing Machine

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Mini Electric Handheld Sewing Machine Dual Speed Adjustment with Light Foot AC100-240V Double Threads Pendal Sewing Machine


Portable Sewing Machine 4 in 1ColourWhite that features double thread, double speed and automatic thread rewind. You can use the manual switch or pedal to start. Includes pedal, adapter and screw bag. It uses 6V direct current. The mini sewing machine can sew on any fabric from delicate silks to denim.
Sewing machinealso has an automatic thread rewind feature and a simple on/off control button that saves your time and energy. Occasionally, the bobbin case can loosen and move freely within the throat of themachine, or it may come out. This can be remedied by re-aligning the coil. The re-positioning of the coil can be done by hand by turning it and gently rocking back and forth. If the bobbin is stuck and you cannot turn it or reinsert it by hand, you can use a screwdriver to gently lift it to reposition it correctly and place the black knob on the left side of the white plastic edge.

Product details

  • Condense, light weight and transportable
  • High ranking sewing technology
  • A pedal for those who are habitual of using the foot
  • Double speed command sewing machine
  • Long lasting chain
  • Mini sewing machine offers double threads and perfect stitch control
  • Better sight and more convenient in thread cutting
  • Mini size, lightweight and with an exquisite workmanship
  • This sewing machine is a basic sewing machine, with its easy-to-use feature, suitable for all sewing machine users
  • Large spool can be used with rewinding device for easy replacement of bottom bobbin

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